Effective military systems

Agile systems development brings new capabilities and innovations to the warfighter faster. SSR applies our expertise in military standards, organizations, missions, and personnel every day.

Our goal: maximize the effectiveness of your system for the user, the mission, and the lifecycle.


The Human, Machine, and Environment must work together in harmony to optimize safety and readiness … A system of systems is at play, with interdependencies and vital connections among them.

The Key to Performance

Human performance drives mission success. Don’t leave it up to chance.

From stakeholder requirements discovery to system readiness assessments to human factors engineering, SSR helps optimize your system across the entire lifecycle.


Agile Systems development

Agile development approaches are powerful methods for effective system design. Unfortunately, legacy contracting approaches have not caught up, leading many to dismiss it as a meaningless buzzword. Partner with SSR to supercharge your system acquisition with both Agile processes and true agility.

User-Centered Design

Whether Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Guardians, or Coasties, our service members deserve systems that are safe, effective, and mission-ready.

From stakeholder requirements discovery to CONOPS development to human factors design to validation testing, we cover the entire system development process with an emphasis on user and mission needs.

Human-System Readiness Assessments

Want to take advantage of the new Human Readiness Level (HRL) scale and standard but don’t know where to start? Or, do you need an independent analysis to satisfy milestone decision criteria?

We helped write the ANSI/HFES 400 standard on HRLs and offer HSI program planning and independent readiness assessment services.

Innovative Systems Research

Multi-domain operations, crewed-uncrewed teaming, optionally-piloted, AI/ML. Every new concept is just an exciting buzzword until someone makes it a reality.

Our research underpins operational system concepts in the field today. We stay on the forefront of emerging trends to help you deliver the cutting edge systems of tomorrow.